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BreaRose Smith, Certified Reiki Practitioner

          My journey began growing up in beautiful La Jolla, California. I moved East to attend Rutgers University, where I completed a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. After college I explored many vocations and found my place in holistic health and the healing arts.

     I have been teaching yoga for six years and have completed trainings with education in vinyasa, ashtanga, anusara, and iyengar yoga, and have led multiple teacher trainings and workshops. I started an organization called “Service & Savasana,” where I put yoga class events on to raise money for different charities. In addition to yoga, I have studied to become a Reiki Master with The Spiritual Engineering Academy, I am a certified Akashic Records reader through The Linda Howe Center, studied meditation at the Deepak Chopra Center, and trained to be a certified Doula through DONA International. 

       There are many aspects of my life that contribute to the work I do today. These include my personal struggles with anxiety, depression, addiction, autoimmune disorders, and food sensitivities. I personally understand the anger, fear, and uncertainty of human suffering. I have also always felt the kind of love and joy that makes life worth living.




     My own personal healing journey led me to discover the power of training the mind to "let go of" or decondition limiting beliefs that only prolong and increase suffering. Through this practice I have uncovered a deep love, compassion, and acceptance for myself, which is the largest contributor to my wellbeing. My wish is for all human beings to love themselves, flaws and all, and experience the liberating beautiful life that can come from that. If we do not love ourselves, how can we love one another?

   I strive to approach the world and my work from a place of love, strength, diligence, truth, humor, and compassion. I approach every class or session with an intention to assist the individual in healing what stands in the way of the love and serenity that already exists within. I believe and see that on a soul level, each and every human being is impeccably beautiful and pure. Living as a human being on earth right now is hard—plain and simple truth, AND we all have the power to give ourselves the love we are constantly seeking. How do I know this? Because I am/have done it for myself.

I look forward to connecting with you!



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What People Say

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I am grateful that I was led to Brea.  We had a call together.  It was calming and reassuring.  I received several  messages that I needed to hear and affirmations of what I know to be true.  Her light and love was  abundant.  I would and have recommended Brea to my family and friends.  Give yourself this gift and make an appointment!

-Nara-Lila MacDonald

"I did a reiki session with Brea and walked out feeling light and calm. When I got to her place my head was on fire and anxious but after the session I felt incredible healing and grace. She's the bomb."

– Kat Heldman

"Brea is a loving and nurturing soul with innate healing gifts. After our reiki session, I felt clear and calm and deeply cared for. Brea invests fully with an open and nurturing heart. Brea did a reading with me and gave me several personalized ideas on how to continue energy clearing after our session –including play! Thank you, Brea, what a gift."

–Jackie Lane

"Brea has the most incredible calming energy. My reiki experience with her was truly magical. She quickly moved my energy from anxious to calm in a matter of minutes. The time went by faster than I wanted it to because I was so deeply transcended. However, I left feeling much lighter and more rejuvenated then when I first arrived. I would recommend booking a session with her immediately."

–Jody White

I have never been to  Reiki healer before - but I'm at a point in my life where I wanted something else besides prayer and meditation. And I had heard about Brea and how amazing her healing was and felt confident going to her. The sessions have been so calming and the energy I receive when I'm Under her care has enlightened and touched me. I feel something during and after the session and I leave feeling lighter. She shares messages with me. Ones I need to hear to help myself and for that I'm so grateful  I would recommend Brea to anyone looking for a healing and loving experience .

-Nancy Caruso



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