may all beings be happy,  
  may all beings be blessed,  
  may all beings be free  


Well hello! My name is BreaRose – but you can call me Brea.

          I live in Leucadia with my sweet dog, Mizzey. I am a yoga instructor, a joy-seeker, and simply a human being playing this game we call life. I was born and raised in beautiful San Diego. I moved back East to attend Rutgers University, which was followed by living in New York City for a while. I then made my way back home to North County San Diego, where I reside today.

To me, yoga is life—it is all encompassing.

The breath is yoga,

physical movement is yoga,

love is yoga,

anger and forgiveness are yoga.

          As individuals living our lives, we all experience an abundance of “chitta,” which is mind chatter, or, we might call it, the voice of the ego. The ego is all about fear; its only purpose is to instinctually keep us alive. Our egos can be very helpful to us, until they are not. They can go on overdrive and disconnect us from our real TRUTH which is LOVE. One way to quiet the fear of the ego and find real LIBERATION is through the magical combination of breath and movement. I have found the key is BALANCE of the mind, body, and soul, which is achieved through the practice of yoga in all forms.

          I have been teaching yoga for five years and have over 1,000 hours of experience. My education began at Corepower yoga in 2014, and I have been with them ever since. While in New York, I participated in a 100-hour mentorship with Danielle Dugan at Pure Yoga. It was there that I dove into the study and practice of meditation, ashtanga yoga, and Iyengar yoga. Since returning to California, I have led four successful teacher trainings at Corepower Yoga, and I am currently completing my 300-hour certification through an apprenticeship with Dana Damara. In addition to facilitating trainings, I started an organization called “Service and Savasana,” where I put yoga class events on to raise money for various charities.

          I strive to approach the world and my work from a place of love, strength, diligence, truth, humor, loving-kindess, bad-ass-ness, compassion, and self-care.

I do look forward to connecting with you.






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         "Even though we had an intention circle at my baby shower, I knew I wanted to experience the feminine intimacy of a Blessing Way.

         My Blessing Way was far more powerful than I imagined it was going to be. Brea created a sacred space for me and a small group of women to share a meal and our hearts. It felt like a safe container for us all to share and receive - I was free to feel a full spectrum of my emotions, vulnerably. 

         What I loved most about the Blessing Way that Brea led for me was the way she integrated other women into the circle - she was the guide but she provided time for other women to lead very special moments. It was truly a collective experience for all 8 women in attendance.

         I walked away from the afternoon feeling connected to my baby girl and universally supported by the women present and my ethereal guides.

         I am so grateful to Brea - her presence is strong and humble and she is the perfect person to help usher you on the last phase of your journey from maiden to mother."

—  Julia Sparkman



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