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Outdoor Yoga Class Event

We host periodic yoga class fundraising event and would love to collaborate!
Why? To bring more people together and ensure everyone the opportunity to be a part of this community and donate to the cause of the month.  

Do you have a nonprofit you're passionate about? Please inquire so we can work together to raise money for a good cause.


Image by Kari Shea

Host an Event

Would you like us to bring our fundraising event to you? Be it a yoga studio, private home, small business, or corporation we'd love to connect and serve you! We will tailor the event to your communities wants and needs; from restorative yoga to power yoga, sound healing, reiki, breath work, and dancing- we provide it all. You are able to pick the social cause you want to raise money for and we ensure the donations are delivered. and received by the charity of your choice.

Image by Ekta Agarwal


Your generous donations will go towards the social justice cause we are raising money for on that particular month. To expand our impact, a portion of the donation will go into our Service & Savasana Studio Fund to raise money for our own studio space to host donation classes daily and help more people! We are also looking for donations in the form of your time and energy! Please  contact us if you would like to volunteer.

Image by Ash Edmonds

Past Events

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