Intuitive Reiki Healing

Reiki Energy Healing:

Reiki is a magnificent ancient healing method. Reiki uses the body's natural energy centers to move, clear, release, and balance an individuals energy system. Reiki works with the subtle and physical bodies to heal the recipient. 

Healing sessions are typically done in my office, but if you would prefer a different location, I can absolutely arrange something to accommodate you. I'm also offering outdoor sessions if you'd prefer that. Just make a note of it when you're booking and I will reach out to you directly. 

Referral Program: If you refer ONE person and they book you get HALF OFF a session!

If you refer TWO people and they book you get a free session!

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DISCLAIMER: I, BreaRose Smith, am not a doctor, psychologist, or psychotherapist. I do not diagnose medical or mental health conditions. If my clients are under the age of 18, I must receive written parental consent of their treatment prior to their first session. By receiving a healing/reading, the client claims responsibility for how the information is received at said healing session. The energy healing sessions are entirely confidential.