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Reiki is a magnificent ancient healing method with roots in pre-patriarchal India, and more commonly known, in Japan in the 1800s.

Reiki has the power to help heal illness, mental emotional pain, and trauma. Reiki uses the "activating energy" of the universe, our natural life-force energy (breath, air, prana), and our body's natural energy centers (chakras) to move, clear, release, and balance an individuals energy system.


Life experience can create energy blockages, drainage, or excessive build-up that can cause mental and physical health issues. Receiving Reiki's soothing healing energy can educate/help you to "remember" how your energetic and biological bodies are so very integrated. The Reiki technique enables your body to use its innate intelligence system to heal and balance any ailment you are experiencing. It is also incredibly relaxing and nourishing!

Our time together will begin with a grounding meditation to set a loving intention for your session.  You will then share with me how you are feeling via three categories: mind, body, and spirit. After you express how you feel, you will lie down on the massage table to receive Reiki healing for 25-35 minutes. Following the energy healing and with your permission, I will then deliver intuitive information and guidance for you that I receive when I am transmitting Reiki energy for you. Our time together will end with a closing meditation so that you leave the session feeling grounded, safe, and supported. 


Credit: Stein, Diane. Essential Reiki. New York, Crossing Press, 1995

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