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Baby Blessing Ceremony 

A sacred ceremony to celebrate your entry into motherhood and honor you as a woman and your baby as a divine soul blessing your life.

A baby blessing ceremony stems from the Native American ceremony, "blessingway," which is about blessing the mother for her passage into motherhood before birth. Giving birth is a holy endeavor that is to be surrounded with love and Grace. 

What to expect:

The ceremony would be tailored to your personal beliefs and preferences. You and I would meet for a consultation where we would decide what to include to make it a personal and nourishing experience for you.

Blessing may include but is not limited to: meditation, chanting, group blessing for mother created by each participant,  readings, yoga, breathework, traditional blessingway practices, energy healing, oracle reading, snacks and drinks, Please inquire below for more information.

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Full Moon Ceremony 

The full moon is a wonderful opportunity to slow down time in order to reflect on the previous month, celebrate what was experienced, and get specific about what you want to focus on moving forward. It is a time to acknowledge and appreciate all that is sacred in your life.

This workshop with involve movement, yoga nidra, journaling, meditation, chanting, and connection.



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