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Dear Lovely Ladies

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hello lovely ladies,

As many of you have noticed, lots of our "stuff" (maybe that we don't want to look at) is rising to the surface. I believe it is rising to the surface to be honored, healed, and cleared. With the current happenings in our world and galaxy, I have no doubt that you are facing something to learn and grow from for your highest good- that is if you choose to look at it and heal.

Something interesting that has come up for me personally, is how I see other women. Let me ask you this, if you walk by a beautiful woman on the street is your reaction supportive? Loving? Jealous? Self-conscious? Maybe a little bit of everything? After some honest reflection, I realized that I initially feel weary of new women I meet; almost as if I was trained to not trust them. Then my psyche loves to play the "compare myself to other people'" game. Luckily, I am aware enough now to get past these feelings and love myself enough so that I don't feel a need to compare myself. Still a work in progress, and I am sure it will be a life-long one.

My teachers have taught me that other people who come into your life are simply mirrors for you to see what is going on within yourself. In her book "Rise Sister Rise," Rebecca Campbell explains the innate feeling of competition between women and how it has been ingrained in us via media and society at large. Think about it- women are aggressive towards other women if it has to do with their man, career, looks etc. Is your immediate reaction to team up and work/unite with other women, or is it to be better and more sought after than other women? I do not bring this up to criticize or create any guilt or shame; it is not your fault; this is how we have been socialized to think. But it is our responsibility to change it once we are aware.

I bring this up to reveal some truths so we can acknowledge and heal it to finally unite as strong confident women. Why? First off, it feels so much better to support other women versus compete with them. Second off, the world needs our divinely powerful feminine energy to lead the way and contribute to healing ourselves and the world. Standing up for what we believe in and creating change is much more impactful together as opposed to separately. As a nation, we are presently witnessing and experiencing acts of hate/fear/terror in the news and in the world around us. I believe implementing small changes into our personal daily lives will change the world. These changes involve choosing to pause and respond with love rather than fear, and support our fellow human beings, regardless of race, background, economic standing, nationality, religion, etc. I could go on and on about this topic, but I will save that for another time.

How can we begin to do this? What does this look like in everyday life? I will share my suggestions and some things I am going to do, and hopefully something will resonate with you that you can begin to put into practice.

- When on social media intentionally be aware of thoughts and feelings that arise when looking at a successful woman. Remind yourself of how strong and special you are. Only you can give yourself the affirmation you’re yearning for.

- Daily positive/loving affirmations to say aloud to yourself. When we can love ourselves, we don't feel a need to put others down.

- Share about other women doing wonderful things on instagram once a week. Something as simple as re-sharing a story.

- Remind yourself every day that everyone plays a part in the world; each individual has something unique to offer and there is room for everyone. We need more good offerings in our world!

- support a girlfriend in whatever she is working on via words of affirmation or acts of service.

- create a small event for other women you know via zoom, skype, etc to converse and support one another.

- If you hear someone using inappropriate words about another woman or any individual for that matter (bitch, slut, etc.), do not ignore it and do not engage in that kind of behavior. Use that moment as an opportunity to share what you are doing to bring women/people together and away from disrespect and ill treatment.

Most importantly, commit to knowing your true worth and living from that place.

YOU are brave, strong, capable, lovely, beautiful, brilliant, and the list goes on.

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