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"I allow myself to feel how I feel, nothing needs to change." Resistance comes from not fully accepting WHAT IS in the present moment. . Resistance can show up in the form of feelings of frustration, self-criticism, anger, or anxiety. These feelings are the result of thoughts that are not accepting of and open to our life circumstances in that moment. This could look like scrolling on instagram and thinking “I can’t wait until I am where she is, I am not where I want to be” or “It will finally feel good when I am happy like they seem to be but I’m not there yet.” This is an example of not being accepting of exactly where you are at right here and right now. I have had these thoughts, we all have in some form. It is a human experience that is not based on truth and we can help ourselves by aligning with truth. Some affirmations to help shift your energy out of resistance are: “I allow myself to feel how I feel, nothing needs to change.” “I fully accept all of my life circumstances right here right now.” “I am open to what life has in store for me today and I trust that I am right on time and right on track.” “I love where I am and who I am today.” Sometimes we just need to let ourselves feel how we feel without needing to change it. This allowing can then make room for us to move on, feel differently, and have a new and more loving experience. The ALLOWING part is key and takes practice- a lifetime of it ;). If we fight the resistance it may get stronger until we surrender to it through the practice of letting it be. . There are also times when in addition to letting it be, we can effectively work to change our perspective. During these times it can help to write down or say aloud some things you appreciate in your current reality or think about/ discuss what is going well in your life. . The other day I was breastfeeding Zyler and noticed that I was feeling resistance about my reality of sitting in my office, in my rocking chair, feeding my son. I felt frustrated that I didn’t feel happier because how could I not be happy in that moment?! When this was always what I’ve wanted. Judging how wrong it felt was not helpful. What did help was to choose to fully accept all my feelings and exactly where I was at right then and there. Just by choosing to cease fighting the feelings for a moment, I honored myself and my life. Breathing into the feelings and saying the affirmations over and over again I was able to shift my awareness to experience the goodness of my life. Once I felt the relief of letting go of what was, I proceeded by naming all of the wonderful things I had in my life. My perspective then shifted from fear to love and was aligned with truth, what a miracle.

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