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Sunday Reflections December 13, 2020- Perfection Exercise

Perfection Exercise

This past week during meditation I came upon a new mindfulness exercise:

- Set a timer on your phone for 3-5 times during the day to remind you... I would recommend 3 hours in-between each alert.

- When you hear the timer pause what you are doing. Wherever you are in your day physically and mentally stop and take at least two deep breaths focusing on each inhale and exhale.

- Then say aloud if possible, or in your head if you're out in public,

"This right here and now is perfection."

Why would we do this? Because as human beings we tend to create expectations around when we can or are allowed to feel perfection. This conditioned mindset creates limitations around when you get to experience the beauty in any given moment. Why not increase the regularity of wonderful moments??

The "big picture" truth on the spiritual level is that there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be, and no ultimate goal to get to. Oneness and wholeness lives in this present moment, which is all there is. Whatever you are doing right this second is the ultimate goal. Right here- pause...notice the space..right now is truly all there is; it is perfection. Regardless of your circumstances, making small mindful changes can make your "present moments" more pleasurable.

I understand that unless you are living the life of a monk, this way of thinking can feel impossible. We are human beings in physical bodies that have hopes and dreams which do require setting goals. AND I have found that parallel to this, you can experience more peace, joy, and clarity when practicing mindfulness exercises. Scientifically it has been proven that words create a vibration that directly affects your experience. Saying "this is perfection" automatically elevates your frequency and activates your sympathetic nervous system, which calms and balances your energy.

This perfection exercise will connect you back to the truth in any given moment. In life we are taught that there are bad moments and good moments, and that is how we experience them. From the divine perspective, there are no bad moments; every experience you have, lesson you learn, day spent on the couch, holds a purpose and is serving you in some way.... which is nothing short of perfection.

Incorporating new practices like the one above will create a life with more freedom and serenity, and it is is a gift worth taking. At the same time, there is no hiding the fact that it can be challenging beyond words.

Why? Simply put, because there are negative or sabotaging beliefs and life traumas that must be looked at to clear space for the new wonderful new stuff.

It has personally helped me to seek guidance and support from individuals who offer healing and guidance services.

For first time clients, I have decided to offer free 30 minute healing sessions or consultations for anyone who may be interested in this work. I am hoping this offering will give individuals the opportunity to learn more about energy healing, how to best utilize it, and how it could benefit their lives.


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