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Sunday Reflections December 20, 2020- Stillness


This past week I went on a trail run out east. I try to go out in nature where I can find a quiet area at least once a week. This helps me to connect to my Divine source and limit distraction to listen to what I need to hear. Halfway through my run I stopped to enjoy a beautiful lake on the path. There was no one in sight; just me, the trees, and the water. I decided to slow down and sink into my surroundings. It felt so still and noiseless. I directed my attention to the sounds and sensations I was experiencing. Intentionally slowing down in this moment reminded of how much actually occurs in the stillness. I stayed in that space long enough to truly arrive, to direct my whole awareness to the environment around me. As I sat on the sand, I noticed the strength of what we would usually deem a light wind. The gentle breeze would pick up and create a swell in the water, sending hundreds of ripples across the lake. The plants and trees would sway and play their rustling soundtrack. The current would push the water to shore, making its presence known through a unique song of its own. Then all of a sudden, the wind would decrease, maybe even stop, and everything would begin to slow. The ripples would cease to exist, the trees turned down their volume, and the shoreline seemed to pause for a meditation break. The next thing I knew, the breeze would grow stronger once again, and the whole process would repeat. There was something comforting about witnessing the cycles of nature so closely. I was a fly on the wall watching life happen in an entirely different world. I felt like a humble guest in someone else’s home. This experience is a great example of the many different realities that play out in any given moment. It is confounding to observe the unbounded layers of awareness and energies that coexist around us. There is an entirely different world to discover and live in if you can slow your mind and body down enough to notice it is even there. As time goes on my knowledge and understanding of the different levels of awareness and energies increases. One main thing I have learned from this that I want to share is this: it is a MIRACLE that we all survive and even thrive in a world with this much stimulation! The strength of human beings is so great that there is no word to describe it. PLEASE remember this truth. We were born into a world where on an energetic level there are so many things going on that there are no words to describe it. Bravo for doing your best to make the best life for yourself in overwhelming circumstances. I wanted to share this because I know many people are unaware of what the physical eye cannot see. Since I study this for a living I thought, why not throw it out there, it may help! It can’t hurt, right ;)? The main takeaway is, be gentle with yourself sweet soul! Your strength can create a truly wonderful life internally and in the material world. You deserve it simply because you exist. When I was a little girl my father gifted me a card with a message that is also for you: “You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.”


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