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Sunday Reflections November 29, 2020- Mind Storm

Out Of The Mind Storm

This morning, like all other mornings, I took Mizzey out to her favorite grassy area in front of our home to take care of her doggy business. As I stood waiting for her to finish, I noticed my mind was all over the place. I was everywhere but right there in that moment.

Note: When you can come to recognize how far your mind has journeyed in any given moment, you begin to notice how crappy that feels! As I am sure you already know, a busy mind can feel like a chaotic tornado in your body.

In that moment, I decided I wanted out of the mind storm.. for at least a few minutes! I brought my awareness back to what stood before me in the NOW, noticing the palm trees in front of me and the mountains in the distance. I noticed the sun’s light reflecting off of the aloe vera plant Mizzey loves to play in (I know- strange right? Lol). I lifted my face up to meet the sky; feeling the warmth on my face, my energy began to smooth out, to come back to homeostasis. I felt a wonderful calm wash over me…. I had arrived.


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