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Her Eyes Pierce Through Me

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

She sits there, steady and still

Her eyes watch as she goes for the pill


Journeys never-ending and paths intertwining,

Allowing herself to be, memories rewinding


Let it flow through like a river,

Don’t let it stick like a nasty old critter


Assumptions that she is a magician,

She continues like she is on a mission


Anger, frustration, resistance breeds insanity,

She seeks a balance between terror and vanity


Her mind moves like a disco,

As her body settles in limbo


Her queen holds her up from below,

She is her foundation, everything she will come to know


She looks in the mirror and recognizes the jewel,

Fighting the feeling of powerlessness taught in life school


I see her stand in her worth, knowing she’s the prize,

Feeling the sadness because she knows she is too wise


Too wise to have left her in such a way,

How on earth will she be able to repay?


She questions the pain of karma and rebuilding

Knowing that her divine is all shielding


She wonders how this goes with that,

Creating a home from the purple cushion where she sat


The possibilities are endless

She knows for her generation this can feel horrendous


She holds humble gratitude for her born-into blessings,

Harboring selfish guilt for those with circumstances worth stressing


Reminding her child that all pain is valid,

The need to support all beings who sing a different kind of ballad


Regardless of what women are taught traditionally,

She deserves to love and trust herself unconditionally


Her eyes watch her sprint down the path

No one will get in the way of her brave wrath


Her soul always shines bright,

Her gaze is always in sight

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