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Once Upon a Dream

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I have always been mistaken for Briar Rose,

“Like sleeping beauty” I suppose.

A princess who stays asleep until kissed by her prince,

That is not and will not be me, I must insist.

An independent woman seeking meaning and strength,

Without knowing it, keeping her truth at arm’s length.

The truth sounds scarier than maleficent,

Unable to see that the results would be magnificent.

Masculine and Feminine intertwined in our DNA,

The wholeness of you will have its way.

“This is not about them; this is all about you”

My journey back to self can feel like the flu.

The old man in Sedona gifts me a heart to share what’s true,

“Everything you are searching for is inside of you.”

Disney paints a lovely picture of happily ever after,

They just forget to tell us that communion with YOU is what you’re after.

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