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The Island of One

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

There once was an island of one,

Upon first look, it did not seem so fun.

Life ruled by fears and anxiety,

I did not fit into society.

I was a truth seeker,

And surprising a good public speaker!

I was supported and I was loved,

But I was always looking for more from above.

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace,

My father’s loving words helped the panic to cease.

I was always strong,

Yet addiction to pills did not take me long.

I quickly learned that wasn’t the answer,

But I will use again if I ever get cancer.

That time came and went,

It did not take long to receive the messages my angels had sent.

Little Mermaid under the sea,

Part of your world, was it really meant to be?

“Half measures availed us nothing.”

You must diminish with the “stuffing.”

My seat in the chair,

I think I’m almost there.

One day at a time,

Self-torture turned out to be a crime.

Up the ladder I crawled,

Fighting with myself, I was appalled.

“Alcoholic,” you must say it that way,

Then I don’t think I want to stay.

I’m not like them!

Then why did you relapse when you were with men?

Unity, Service, Recovery,

Get ready for some self-discovery.

Then the question was, who am I in this world?

Stay with the feelings and the truth will then unfold.

Layer by layer getting closer,

I don’t want to seem like a spiritual poser.

Two steps forward, one step back,

The divine is waiting for you to release the pack.

The pack on your back that’s worn and tired,

Connection with source is what you really desired.

Open the windows to your hands and the doors to your feet,

Then came Heather Renee, who was sassy and sweet.

She was a love note from the divine,

delivered in the apartment underneath mine.

The spiritual engineer in her prime,

You know what, it was about damn time!

My guides think I’m “a riot,”

I can only hear them when I’m quiet.

What stopped me in my tracks was Sara the Records reader,

A true spiritual leader.

An older sister teaching me her ways,

I could listen to her for days!

In these women I found a different kind of hope,

Finding heaven on earth would be absolutely dope!

Energy healing being my guiding force,

What an outstanding connection to source.

Me in you and you in me,

My heart is now the safest place to be.

We are all divinely connected,

My island of one stands corrected.

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