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Her Way

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Morning sunbeams on her face

The beauty of energized bliss

It’s her way

Strut in her step

Like a mama-bear grazing in the woods,

Her presence is electrifying

It’s her way

Her own map is written

Her creation, designed with precision and diligence

It’s her way

She knows

Follow her or don’t

To her it’s neither here nor there

It’s her way

She is a master of her craft

Like a tribal woman intently weaves the blanket that will warm her child,

She weaves her wisdom through the lucky souls who seek her

It’s her way

For her children,

There are no limits; no limits to her love

It’s her way

She gracefully stands to the side, allowing her children to walk their own path

She is wise enough to know it’s the only way

The only way they can return to her safe embrace

It’s her way

And she has sewn her children into the crevices of her heart

She carries them with her

It’s her way

She loves her children with a force that is stronger than a thousand soldiers at battle

She displays a love for her kin that if far more powerful than any weapon

To experience this love is all the

evidence we need

All the evidence we need to believe that our nations can solve problems without war

It’s her way

And when the evening-time strikes 9

You better know this is her time

Her time to masterfully curl into her internal cave of solace

It’s her way

Her daughter stands in her doorway

Watching her mother be content, able, whole,

Gives her hope that one day she too will feel this way

It’s her way

And her daughter stands at the doorway

Soaking up the inexplicable love

that flows between them

It’s her way

Her mother peaks over the covers to say

“hey you”

And her daughter knows it’s all going to be OK

It’s her way

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